5 Things to do before you sell your home.

Getting your home ready for sale in the beginning of 2017 should begin wit 5 easy steps.
First, you need to de-clutter get a pod if you are moving to a bigger house. If you are downsizing it is time to donate to Must Ministries.
Second, start the search for the best house, location, and neighborhood for you. Properties will become active and sell during this time period. This will give you a feel for the market and prices for the locations you like.
Third, Do the minor or major repairs on your house right now. This way you can shop bids and gradually repair items that may be a problem when you get your property under contract.
Fourth, Find the best financing for you and your family. Shop banks, mortgage companies and credit unions for the best rates and closing costs.
Fifth, have a Realtor come out and give you an opinion of price, time frame of sale and how to get your house ready for sale.

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